Nick Rozanski CEng FBCS

If you are concerned that I have installed a piece of Trojan-horse software on your PC, that is not the case.

The following will explain what is going on and what you can do about it.


Spyware is software which is installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent, and which proceeds to secretly gather information about you or your on-line activities. Spyware is surreptitiously installed after visiting a malicious or compromised Internet site, or may be delivered to your PC by a virus. Spyware is not always detected by anti-virus software and may not be blocked by firewalls. It usually needs specialised removal software such as Ad-Aware in order to remove it.

Madfinder is spyware written using an Internet Explorer technology called the Browser Helper Object. I understand that Madfinder installs a file called SVC.EXE, and that if you delete this file and references to it in your Startup folder it re-appears the next time you boot your PC.

This file is unrelated to my utility of the same name. I can't help you remove it so please don't ask!

I am told that that version 6.181 of Ad-Aware will remove Madfinder, although as I haven't been infected I can't confirm this. You can download a free version of Ad-Aware from .

I have also been told about a tool called CWShredder aimed specifically at removing Madfinder and its variants. You can download a free version of CWShredder from .

Thanks to Daniel, Maurice and Anders for making me aware of Madfinder and how to remove it.